Friday, October 14, 2011

The "look"

Dear Mikkie,

As I was fixing Faith's hair in the bathroom today, I made a look that instantly made me think of you! It's that look that I loved about you, it makes me laugh and only you did it. It's amazing how much you look like me, it makes me so happy! Not that it's a bad thing to look like your daddy, he's got good looks :) it's just nice to see some similarity, especially since I'm the one that had you :) So when I see certain pictures of you that remind me of me when I was little, it makes me happy.

This picture is what came to my mind when I was fixing Faith's hair this morning...
It's not your usual smile, it's just that.....mischievous? look of yours. Whatever it is I love it.

One of the pictures of you that reminded me of me when I was a baby was this....
It's fun to see how much you look like both your mommy and daddy, and also to see how much Faith reminds me of you. There's times where I swear it's you.
We definitely have some gorgeous little girls! I'm excited to see what your little brother looks like and wonder who he's going to resemble most.

I love you sweet baby girl of mine!

Love me,