Our family

My sweet husband and I were married November 19th, 2005. We are determined to not be part of the statistic "most couples divorce after losing a child", and are grateful to still be married and be able to share our grief together as we can understand and support each other and also reminisce in the sweet memories we had with our angel.

Faith is our oldest daughter. Faith.... perfect name for her, and it was no mistake we named her that. She kept us sane enough to keep moving on.

Mikayla. Our Angel. Not a day goes by that we don't think of her and miss her incredibly!

Spencer. This adorable guy is our "Rainbow Baby". The first baby born after losing a child; the rainbow after the storm. :) He has helped soothe our aches a whole lot along with sweet Faith, and fill up our home and heart so it doesn't feel so empty. It is uncanny how much he reminds us of Mikkie, I see that as one of God's tender mercies.

Emmett is our last child, he has helped fill our home even more with all sorts of cuteness,
trouble, messes, and lots of laughs and love.

Kuzco. We bought this pooch as we were driving to Bear Lake. We thought the girls would have so much fun with him, especially Mikkie. She would have loved him. She never did get to see him. He was a blessing, so Faith didn't feel too lonely as she just lost her best friend. Kuzco was there for her to play with and provide a fun, light-hearted atmosphere to an otherwise dark and dreary time.

How Tim has found refuge:

 How I have found refuge:

Writing "letters to my Mikkie" on this blog. I've always loved writing, and it has definitely been a good out, a way to feel like I'm still in touch with my angel.