Angelversary Ideas

As each Angelversary creeps up every year, I find myself waiting til the last possible moment to plan something on that horrible yet sacred day. I don't want to do nothing, but I don't want to celebrate it either. I love to plan events, but when it comes to this I just draw a blank.

I've been forcing myself to do this and write down all my ideas and ones I've found, not only for me but for others out there who have been dealt the same tragic fate as us. I hope these ideas can inspire you. And if you have special ideas to share, I'd love to hear about them.

  • For the first year, we did a butterfly release. They came in envelopes and kept cool. It was an inspiring thing to open the envelopes and watch as they came to life and slowly fluttered off. A Butterfly is significant to me with our Mikkie, and with death in general.
  • Sharing memories of the Angel.
  • Sharing songs, stories, other inspiring quotes. 
  • My husband sang for the One year mark. He had written and composed a song and shared it with our family at the cemetery.
  • Our little angel loved bubbles, gum and lipgloss, so we usually give kids a little bag.
  • Turn the tragic day into something memorable that the whole world can join in on in memory of your angel. We do the Day of Forgiveness and release white balloons. It's inspiring and it helps me to focus on the good.
  • Other people do service projects of many kinds.


Classic Inspiration said...


I am also deeply affected by the adjustment back to life after the harsh wake of grief after the tragic passing of someone very near and dear to my heart.

I wanted to employ my creative flare, healing nature, and intuitive abilities..

So I started making very unique angelversary and greeting cards that I call Hmail😊, specifically for those who have experienced, or are experiencing, earth shattering changes..don't know if it is something you would like to look into as I was drawn to post lol..but the message here is still love💙.. From one heart to another..