Mikkie's Story

Our precious angel, Mikayla (Mikkie) was born November 10th, 2008. We were so thrilled to have our second daughter and Faith was thrilled to have a buddy to play with.
They did everything together, it melted my heart to see them play together.

Time went on and life was good, real good. Was getting close to thinking of having another child. Our beautiful daughters were 3 and 21 months when we had a family vacation at Bear Lake.

 We were having a blast, and Mikkie was living it up, soaking in every moment with her family as if she knew it would be her last days with them.

I can still remember sitting at the beach watching all the kids play in the sand and water, but Mikkie stayed right by my feet and kept wanting me to hold her. I tried to help her play in the sand, but she seemed sad. If only I knew, but I was still in the mentality that "That couldn't happen to ME."

But it did.

On August 14th, 2010, everyone was trying to decide whether to go on a hike or go to the pool. I was in charge of dinner that night and would've rather just stayed to prepare dinner while Mikkie napped. Grudgingly, I went to the pool with everyone.
I don't even remember being there that long before hearing the most painful, gut-wrenching sound from my husband as he screamed her name.... "MIKKIE!!"
Our baby girl drowned in the pool and was gone as quick as it happened. As Faith says, she flew in the helicopter to be with Jesus. She is now safe in His loving arms.

With this blog, I hope to sort through my emotions while sharing my experiences, thoughts, feelings, anything about Mikkie and anything about faith, hope and anything that uplifts, inspires and touches me. I'm trying to make sense out of something that doesn't make sense and moving forward with faith... literally. :)