Day of Forgiveness

I wanted to do something special each Angelversary in memory of our Mikayla. I thought and thinked and thunked and it wasn't until one day nearing her One year Angelversary that I was sitting at her place of rest with my dad. As we were talking he mentioned forgiveness and I felt inspired, I knew that was it. It was a subject very much related to this and death in general.

I remember as they were getting ready to close the casket at the funeral, I went up to say my last goodbye's... I hunched over her lifeless body as I sobbed inaudible phrases as I begged her to forgive me. No one should have to ask that way. Do it now, the burden and regret of not forgiving or asking for forgiveness is not worth it. It takes a change of heart, letting go of pride and humbling yourself to do so, but is it not worth the peace of mind and heart? To know that should you die at any given moment, you're good before God? I'm quite certain we'll be begging forgiveness from our Creator when the time comes and if we haven't forgiven others here we will feel pretty foolish to be asking for some.

Anyone and everyone is invited to participate in this memorial. What we do is think of name of whom we are working on forgiving or whom we will ask forgiveness from... whether it be someone else or even yourself.

As we think of that name, we release a white balloon into the sky. White symbolizing peace and purity; released balloon representing a burden being lifted from us.

Last year I asked people to start sending me pictures of their experience, it was so touching to me. I was moved by the tenderness of others and at how many participated! Family and friends would invite their friends and so forth so more than I knew joined. Even my friend in the Air force had some of her fellow comrades join. Wow.

If everyone would choose to forgive one person instead of hold onto that grudge, each year... think of how much happier and better this world would be! There would be more love instead of hate. We can always use more love and forgiveness.

I'm going to continue to do this every year and post the pictures here.






Krista_Palmer said...

Airforce cough cough:) still luv you!

Julia said...

I love your blog and I'm so sorry for your loss. I will raise a white balloon in honor of your sweet Mikayla and my forgiveness balloon will be COVERED with names. You are helping me learn to NOT hold a grudge. Thank you