Saturday, December 15, 2012



People have been telling me how strong I am ever since you left, but I haven't been feeling so strong. This past month, after talking with certain people, I am starting to realize my own strength and that I CAN do hard things. I CAN be happy regardless of circumstances. People will undoubtedly do or say hurtful things, and they can also greatly add to your happiness, but in the end your happiness comes down to one person- you. 

I'm realizing that I can be happy, and a majority of people will take that as I'm happily healed, while very few will see the pain still behind my smile. I've talked with a few of those recently and it's just amazing to me how the spirit works through others. While I said nothing about what's on my mind and kept a happy face, they looked beyond that and saw through me. How grateful I am for those that just 'get it', who show such a great example by mourning with those that mourn. 

The Lord has blessed me with great strength, He IS my strength. Without Him, I could not do all that is set before me, it's just too overwhelming. I need Him. I love Him. He is so good to me. I'm reminded of the hymn, "Lord, I will follow thee"..... "finding strength beyond my own.." That's me to a T. 

I love you very much, my Mikkie....