Monday, February 14, 2011


Dear Mikayla,

I remember a year ago from today we had a babysitter watching you while daddy and I went dancing. We got called early because you were sick. We came home to see you in your hottest pajamas, wrapped up in a warm blanket, laying alone on the couch and you were extremely hot all over. You looked limp, but nothing like the lifeless limp I try to forget remember a few months later. I remember how alarmed I was and glad that we came back when we did. I remember you laying in my arms while I brushed a cold cloth over your face without a fuss from you. I remember sitting by your side, patting your cute little bum, waiting for you to fall asleep. If I stopped any earlier, your head would pop up as if to say "did I tell you you could go?" I'm grateful for times like that, not of you being sick (which seemed quite frequent) but for those times which helped me slow down and take in the moments. I sure look back on them with more fondness now than I did at the time. A year later, here we are doing almost the same thing with Faith. What is it about Valentines and being sick?

Daddy gave me the sweetest gift this year. Remember that song he composed for me and played on Christmas day 2009? He finally recorded it for me and also made it into sheet music! It touched me. He's such a romantic sweetheart. He has a great gift and is very talented. It's one thing to compose fun music, it's another to make some that touches others, that's what this song does to me.I thought I'd share the song with you so you can listen whenever you want. Maybe it will help you think of me and daddy. We love you so very much, Mikkie. I want you to know that you are one incredibly special little girl and how loved you are by so many. Before you were born, I was afraid I wouldn't love you as much as I did Faith, but the minute you were born my heart grew a few sizes bigger and I just had even more room to love. I will always continue to love you with all my heart and then some. I just can't say enough how honored I am to be your mother.

Here's my song from daddy, called "New Life"

Tim Harper - New Life by timcharper

I'm thinking of you today sweet girl.

Love me,



James and Crystal said...

Tim is amazing!

Hot Pink Pansy said...

This music is amazing, you should totally compose and sell...we would all benefit from it. Thanks for sharing, I cried again as I listened to your music. Lovely.