Saturday, February 2, 2013

Being Happy

My dear little girl,

I don't know how I went so long without writing you. You know when you feel so overwhelmed with things or just life in general sometimes and you just basically try and survive... you feel overwhelmed so you do nothing.

Did I tell you my goal for this year? Ya, not plural, just 1 goal. I thought about it after the year had already crept up on me and it didn't take long for me to think of it.

Be Happy.

I just want to be and stay happy. Sounds so simple, right? "If you want to be happy, then just be happy." No, sometimes it's easier said than done. 
I have so much to be grateful for and continually repeat to myself 'I can be happy even amidst trial and sorrow.' Circumstances don't have to determine your happiness.

I've been thinking about happiness a lot lately. I've found that you cannot base your happiness on others; be happy because you want to. Take charge of your happiness, don't let others decide it for you. Sometimes people and circumstances can definitely add to your happiness, but if you rely solely on others, your life will be an emotional roller coaster and it will wear you down on every level.

It's become increasingly more apparent to me that we don't have control over much in life, but we do get to choose whether we are happy or not.

Some ways I know for sure that can help in being happy are: (in addition to the obvious ones)

Be positive
Be grateful

Those are part of  my plan in achieving my goal.....

I resolve to be happy regardless of my circumstances. It can be hard but it can be done.

I sure love you, Mikkie. You are one of my greatest joys, thank you for all the happiness you brought into my life during your short little life. And you still continue to, as your memory lives on always in our hearts.