Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Calling All Angels

Dear sweet Mikayla,

It's been a bit more of a rough time recently, there are always bumps along the road.. Like I heard in church last week, "some choose to go downhill which is the easier way, if you really want an adventure, gi uphil....

One of my dear friends who knows of my troubles sent me a song yesterday that deeply touched my heart bringing me to sobbing. It's very beautiful, it's about someone who lost their child- which I can relate to, but the part in the song that brought me comfort at this time is talking about calling all angels for help to comfort her. That's what I do a lot! Angels both seen and unseen came to my aid.

Calling all angels
I need to feel something familiar something real.
Am I just dreaming
I close my eyes.
I feel you near and feel you inside.
Just to call your name and know that your still there.
Calling all angels.

I know God heard my prayers as I felt your angelic comfort come to my rescue.

I love you and miss you so very much. Thank you for comforting your mommy.




The Jessee Journal said...

I remember listening to Jessie Clark (before she added the "Funk" to her name;) in the car on my way to my temple endowment. She still has a beautiful voice and that is a lovely song. Thanks for sharing :)