Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Hello again :)

That 5k we went to on Saturday was a sweet experience. At the beginning, the lady who started this (also a mommy of an angel baby) released some white doves. It was a beautiful sight, and chills ran up my arms.
I was so touched when I saw the book that the race is based on, "Running with the Angels" with a mom running and 2 little angel kids behind her. So sweet. That's exactly what I felt at that race- it was an unmistakable feeling that there angels there with us. As we were all walking up to the starting line and the race began that's when I felt that feeling that overwhelmed me to tears involuntarily.

Later in the race when your little brother was freezing from the quickly pouring rain that drenched both him and his blanket, a lady came up behind me and gave me a poncho to put over the stroller. Yes, I should've come more prepared and looked ahead at the weather, but I'm completely grateful to this lady, an earthly angel to me. What a life saver. I didn't see her after to give her poncho back but hopefully she felt my genuine heartfelt gratitude.

This is definitely going to be a new tradition every year!