Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Service goal #1

Dear Mikkie,

This year for my goals I decided to make each month focused on service, which I promised you on your birthday that I would work on. I wanted to record my progress, experiences, etc here for you to see.

My determination and motivation for things have seemed to weaken over these past several months. I force myself anyways to work on goals. I think focusing on this goal in particular will help me deal better with my grief and put it to work for good.

January was more of a recovering-from-holidays month, it was quite depressing and painful. So better late than never, I started my first goal in February. My goal for that month was to check-in with at least one person each day. I didn't do too bad, didn't do real great, but didn't do too bad. The important thing wasn't for me to do it everyday, but to help me focus on others and not dwell on my pain and troubles. It helped me remember that I'm not the only one going through tough times. You don't even have to be going through tough times, everyone likes to be remembered, I think it's important to let people know you're thinking of them. I've personally experienced that over the past while, there has been an incredible amount of people outpouring their sympathies and love and it's been so comforting to me. I want to make others feel the same.

I hope I can be more into this month's goal and put more effort into it. I love doing things for other people, I always have, it's just not so easy to find motivation when half my heart is missing.

I love you sweet girl.




Lisa R.D. said...

What a great idea to try to just check in with one person each day. I feel like a phone call or text doesn't take long at all... so why do I put them off? I hope I can do better. Thanks for the good reminder.