Sunday, May 8, 2011


Dear sweet Mikkie,

What a bittersweet day; roller coaster of emotions. Daddy and I had a really good cry together as we watched home videos of you. I miss you and ache for you so very much. Then I think how blessed I am that we still have Faith. You are my heavenly angel while she is my earthly angel, I love you both beyond comprehension and count myself extremely honored and blessed to be your mom.

Four years ago I became a mommy, and 20 months after that I became a mommy twice, I thought I was going to explode with happiness. It was happy with one child, but just became magnified. I've never felt happier.

God sends us angels to help us, some are in heaven (like you) and some are on earth. Along with you two, there's another angel who's been there for me all my life, always, constantly there comforting, serving, listening, everything that an angel does. My mom is that angel and still to this day dries my tears, hugs my fears away, talks some sense into me, and hears things I don't say. She is truly a blessing in my life... I know I've quoted this several times, but I can't help but reiterate "Everything I am or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother." My wish is to be that kind of mom. I for sure got the better end of the deal. You and Faith are my life. With part of my life gone, I'm hanging on by faith.....literally.

I just read an uplifting article about the Influence of Mother's. What jumped out at me most was:

"Mothers have more influence than they realize. Women are the leaders of leaders. Who has more influence on a man than his wife? Or on children than their mother? The word that best describes leadership by a woman is mother. Is there any influence more enduring than a mother's shepherding of her children along the path towards exaltation?"

I hope to be that kind of influence as my mom has been on me, the one who can correct without criticism, teach without guile, encourage without pretense and love without compromise.

My heart has been extra sensitive this week, as you've weighed heavily on it. How grateful I am for the angels in my life; seen or unseen I feel their impact. You are especially the sweetest angel I could have asked for.

Love always,



The Jessee Journal said...

Love you guys and thinking of you lots -- especially yesterday.

Liz said...

Hope you had a good Mother's Day. You deserve it.

Traci said...

You have such amazing words and thoughts, Laura. You are an incredible woman (and mother). Reading your post today makes me remember to try harder to be a good (and patient) mother. I've been thinking about you lots this week... Lucy, too. She asked about Mikkie a couple of days ago. We love you lots! Hugs and kisses to you and your beautiful family.