Thursday, December 1, 2011

Gratefuls W-Z

Dear Mikkie,

It's taken me long enough to finish this up! I got caught up in a nice long, relaxing Thanksgiving weekend with daddy and Faith. I love spending time with them. We went to Temple Square on Sunday to see the Christmas lights and every time we go there I think of the last time we went with you, just before we left for Bear Lake. I'm so glad we went, such precious pictures, videos and memories we got from it.

W- I'm grateful for Weather... the four seasons. Even though for a few years now it feels like there's only been 2 or 3 seasons.. I love each season and the change of weather, yes even the freezing cold...mainly because I love the snow! The land looks like a totally different place when it's covered in blankets of fluffy white snow.

X- I'm grateful for.... because this is a more tricky word, I'm going to improvise. I'm grateful for fede eX. :) there's the x. What a cool service to be able to have something delivered overnight if you need to.

Y- I'm grateful for Yards. I like having our own little space, and I even like to work in the yard and make it look beautiful, it's a good feeling :)

Z- I'm grateful for Zip lock bags. They are such a great convenience to me and make life that much easier :)

I love you my little girl!




swankypup said...

Thanks for your "inspiration" to a challenge of being thankful every day for something! I too did this on facebook, and I loved the experience! It's fun to compare our "alphabets!" Love ya, Laura!