Friday, March 16, 2012


My dear Mikayla,

2 months already... So much for the weekly reviews. I guess I need to make a goal to start my goal. Ha I have been thinking about my blessings, just haven't recorded them. I think it's more effective to write them down though, so here goes another try.
I've missed writing to you. So why haven't I? It's a therapeutic thing for me and I actually think I'm doing a bit better when I am writing you. So I don't really know why.

It seems like there's been one thing after another since your brother was born. It's like I was being tested to see if I really would look for the positive in hard times. I don't think I did the best but I did try. That's got to count for something right?

I'm very, very grateful Spencer hasn't got sick yet! He did have one fever but I felt more calm than usual when we took him to the doctor. After daddy gave him a blessing, the fever went away within a few short hours. I was for sure counting my blessings!

I'm grateful to have had a good recovery. The weird, annoying little problems I did have could have been a lot worse, and so I was counting my blessings then also.

I'm grateful that all the close calls with daddy's asthma/allergy saga didn't end up as trips to the ER; No more ambulance/ER experiences for me, thank you.

I'm grateful for good friends. The kind of friends you can vent to and talk their ear off and they're still there listening, and not judging.

I'm grateful for good health! This has been one nasty winter for sickness. It's been visiting and revisiting our neighbors many times, talk about relentless! I count myself fortunate that we're as healthy as we are.

I continue to see more and more how important it is to keep a positive attitude. Being negative can suck you down into misery. It's a choice we have to make each moment, each day.

I love my baby girl so much!!

Lots of love,