Monday, August 15, 2011

One year mark, in pictures

On our way to church, we saw this beautiful view over the lake; the rays of sunshine beaming through the dark clouds. I loved it.
Faith said, "Mikkie come!"
"Jesus come get Mikkie!"
I wasn't sure exactly what she was talking about, but it made me feel happy cuz she related it with you. :) Isn't it beautiful!
Your headstone, fit for the sweet angel you are!
Your loving sister who loves to visit your grave and bring you flowers!
White balloon tradition for national "Forgiveness Day"
Thanks to Lisa, we have these pictures of the balloons! My camera died (just like on your birthday...sigh, but by the time it was butterfly and bubbles time, I remembered my iPod :)
Ready for take off......
Up, up and away! Awesome, huh! Did you get all 25 of them? :)

Bubble time!

Faith loved the butterflies the most. I could just see you trying to pick them up by their wings and giggling. :)

Forever Family!


Mee said...

Let's see if I can write a note and see through my eyes that have tears after reading your last 2 posts, Laura! ;o) My stomach has been in knots the past week, and at the top of the list was the anxiety I was feeling for your Aug. 14 anniversary date! I thought of your family each and every moment on Sunday. It was an amazing day! It was pouring rain here and I heard about the "white balloon" idea too late on Saturday to go buy some. (Do you think they'd go up in a downpour? lol) The entire day I felt peace and a forgiving heart. Bruce and I even waved hello to a neighbor who is a very grumpy person! I felt only love as I waved. :o) Thanks for being such a super wife/mommy/daughter! We love your family so! If we'd been in Utah, there's no doubt we would have been there with you, but we were there in spirit!