Sunday, July 29, 2012

Comforting angel

My sweet Mikayla,

A little while ago a new friend of mine, whom has also lost her little girl, sent me a picture that immediately touched my heart when I saw it. She sent it at a most needed time too. Now every time I cry (which is pretty frequent) I think of that picture and imagine you being right by my side, being my comforting angel. The problem is when I think of that, it makes me cry even more because it touches me so, thinking that you may be so close to me, I just can't see you! May all who have lost or will lose a loved one find at least a little bit of comfort from this picture.

This sculpture, made in Slovakia, originally represented unborn children (abortions) coming to give forgiveness to the mother. It very well depicts the sorrow of a grieving mother with her angel baby coming to her comfort also. It's just beautiful.

Now instead of the 'unwanted' memories intruding my mind, my thoughts turn to this image of you by my side. It brings me much more comfort.

Sweet girl of mine, thank you for anytime you may be at my side. You are probably here more than I'm aware.

I love you very much, Mikkie.

With all my heart,



Laura said...

Thank you for sharing this. I lost my little brother a few months ago, and though he is an adult, I still find comfort in this statue and thinking about him being near to me.

I appreciate you and your willingness to share your grief and healing. It is making a difference.

Anonymous said...

thank you for posting this picture. I lost my little girl a little over a year ago and just now stumbled on this picture and the words you wrote about it. It is tremendously comforting.