Monday, July 23, 2012


My sweet Mikkie,

Last night we had the pleasure of attending a musical fireside put on by your uncle Dale and Stephanie Hill (same one who sung your song). They are both amazingly talented and the spirit is felt strongly when I listen to them. I hope everyone's hearts were touched that were present.

Dale had asked me to bear my testimony at the end and I had no clue what to say. I got up there feeling like I was blubbering. I meant what I said though. I mentioned how music is such a powerful tool of God's. It can touch the deepest part of our souls. I quoted a saying that I happen to have on our wall in the living room; "Where words fail, music speaks." There are times where there are just no words to describe how you feel (which I feel more often than not), that's where music comes in and somehow, like magic expresses exactly what you are feeling. These past 2 years music has become even more important to me. The way it can connect with my soul and soothe my grieving heart is a comfort to me. A lot of Dale's music can do that for me. I cannot even listen to your song that he composed, without sobbing. I get frustrated that I can't even listen to my own song that I wrote for you very often, but it's because the words are very personal to me and the music brings out the rest of what I feel that I could not write. It's too perfect. So you can see why I have such a hard time bringing myself to listen to it, it's the perfect song for my little Mikkie.

I am inspired by those who use their musical talents for good, to uplift others and help build up the kingdom of God.

I have no doubt that music is a big part of your life as it is mine. The way you beamed when we would sing you lullabies, and the way you danced with such enthusiasm and personality and even the way you would dance to things without music- it didn't matter, you could pull your own beat from the dryer, washing machine or daddy's beat boxing. All of those things and more tell me that you loved music while you were here, I can imagine that you love it even more now.
As I think of what you are doing up there in Heaven, one of the things that comes into mind is the Mikkie dance :) Every time I ask Faith what she thinks you're doing she says you are playing with the balloons. :) Get ready for many more balloons here soon, as we are closely approaching your two year mark. Which I don't want to think about until I absolutely have to. Sigh.

I love you my sweet angel baby!

Love always,



Jen from MN said...

Laura, we have such different stories yet the same. I have a child with a terminal illness. Your blog is so touching, inspiring, and beautiful. You are an example of how to go on. Thanks for that.

lAuRa said...

Thanks for your comment Jen. I'm so sorry to hear about your child. My heart just breaks for you. I'm glad that my blog is a comfort to you even in the slightest. My thoughts are with you and your sweet child.