Saturday, August 21, 2010


Sweet Mikkie,

We have had an overwhelmingly, amazingly amount of love, support, prayers and generosity from people everywhere...not just from family and friends, but also from people I don't know (but want to get to know). I am stunned by people's generosity, and deeply touched by all the support and words of comfort. I don't have the words to express adequately how I feel, but I am eternally grateful.

So many people have been touched by you, sweet girl. Seems people have become closer. I'm beginning to see even more that God works through people. There have been too many notes, words, calls, etc that have come precisely at the moment I needed them. No one knows my thoughts except God, and I don't believe in "just a coincidence."


Michelle Nielson said...

I love you laura. You are always in my prayers. I'm begging you to call me when your feeling down ok :)

Brittany & Garrett Best said...

I am so glad that you been given so much support by so many people. I hope you continue to feel the love and support of everyone as well as from our Heavenly Father. Love you!

Terri said...

Today we taught a Sunday School lesson to our 14-15 year olds about the Psalms. Bruce chose to play Psalms 23 sung by the Mormon Youth Chorus at the beginning of class. Tears flowed at the beginning of verse 3. "In the midst of affliction, my table is spread. With blessing unmeasured, my cup runneth o'er." This expresses how I feel so well. During this past week of affliction, my cup runneth over with the blessings I have pondered witnessed this past week. Love you much,Tim, Laura, and darling Faith!