Friday, November 9, 2012

21 days closer Day 5


Christ builds upon our knowledge line upon line; He will take what knowledge we have and add to it until we receive a fulness of knowledge. He knows us, every detail of our life and He will teach us in ways we can understand.

"Prepare to receive a simple learning moment, a "pearl in the field", as you go through your day. Let your search be constant, try to discover, "in every hour", some heavenly blessing that will bring you closer to Christ."

As I tried thinking and searching about this all that day and even these past few days, a couple of things came to mind. As I look at my own children, I marvel at their Christ-like qualities; the "childlike" qualities that we should all possess: patience, innocence, accepting, forgiving. I think of the scripture to 'become as little children". They are meek and mild and shall inherit the Kingdom of God.

Another thing I thought about was after an experience last night. I went to a Fireside with a popular LDS singer who spoke and sung. It was very uplifting and edifying and I felt a desire to be a better person after. Earlier that day I was thinking of all the things I needed to get done and wasn't feeling like going, but I didn't want to cancel on my friend. So I went and was very glad I did. That's happened to me many, many times. And it seems that things we don't feel like doing usually are what we need the most. Going to the Temple is a big one, there are many times where it seems like every force of nature is trying to keep me from going but when I do get there, I feel peace and realize how much I need to be there. Other things like going to church, reading the scriptures, to tired to say prayers, too busy to check on a friend etc.... Those are what we need to be doing the most. So I'm challenging myself that when I feel those feelings creep up, I do it anyways and with a little more determination because I know it's what I need to be doing and I will be better because of it.