Tuesday, November 13, 2012

21 days closer day 8


To know the voice of the Shepherd is a privilege and a blessing. Setting aside time to listen to the voice is our responsibility. We show our devotion when we choose to listen to His voice and come when we are called.
So many things going on in the world, so many different voices we hear. He has set aside everything to seek us, we need to set things aside to seek Him.

How well do we know His voice? How often do we come when we are called?

I'm still working on recognizing exactly how He speaks to me, I try and listen but am unsure at times if I'm hearing my own thoughts or Him. I think I feel Him speak to me when I'm reading and studying. I usually read exactly what I needed to hear or feel what I need to feel.
I used to listen to the radio and watch tv a lot more but recently find myself turning it off, whether in the car or home, and just thinking or trying to listen. It is very helpful to set aside time special for that.