Friday, November 9, 2012

21 days closer Day 6


'Sometimes a small portion of hope will bring change in thought. This change simply helps us to evaluate the situation from a different view than we have previously seen. We are given small portions of knowledge, line upon line, as we work through the abyss. The blind man experienced this process. The Lord simply changed his point of view, dust was turned into clay. Simple. Then was told to go to place of healing, Siloam and wash- an ordinary experience that symbolized so much- Wash, Let go, rid yourself of what's holding you back, and heal. The man's eyes were opened, he could see.'

Like she expressed in an experience, I too have sought out answers for things, begging and pleading to know why or what to do, or how to do it. More often than not now I find myself begging for comfort. During one of the Savior's greatest struggles, Heavenly Father sent unto Him an angel to strengthen Him. I have learned to trust that in my darkest hours, when I require strength just to exist, He will send an angel to help me through.

In my poem I wrote for my Mikkie, it says, "Everytime I see a rainbow cross the sky it gives me hope to move forward for another day." Not always is the rainbow literal. It can also mean good things that have come to me through Christ. One recent example, my rainbow baby Spencer. Something beautiful and full of light has appeared in the midst of clouds and darkness. Faith is just that.. a constant reminder to have faith that things will be ok and work out in the end. Recognizing this and more blessings brings me hope as it all proves to me God's love for me. That He IS aware of what's happening and how I'm feeling and even amidst the necessary trials we have to face He blesses us and sends us hope.